• Design for sustainable manufacturing: Expertise in manufacturability of parts, Redesign of parts and Selection of different setups.
  • Process development: Development of optimal process window (productivity and lead time optimisation) by DED (Laser and arc) for Steel: Stainless steel, Tool steel; Stellite; Inconel; Aluminium; Titanium; and by AFP & FFF for… [compaction, accessibility and curvatures (gaps / overlaps and steering) assessment].
  • Product Characterisation: Mechanical Testing, Microstructural characterization, Corrosion, Chemical-physical Testing, Non-destructive Testing, Metrology, Environmental analysis.
  • Process Modelling and Simulation: Numerical modelling (FEM): SIMUFACT, ABAQUS, etc.
  • Robotised systems integration: Open-source and ROS-based LMD cell integration: Offline robot programming.
  • Online control and monitoring solutions: Embedded and multimodal monitoring solutions, Real-Time process control, zero defect manufacturing strategies.
  • Data analytics and AI: Deep Learning for the prediction of quality-related magnitudes, High-speed defect detection and classification.
AM Pilot Factory
AM Pilot Factory
AM Pilot Factory